Engineering and Maintenance

Since we started working with unmanned aircraft, in 2008, the need for better and more organized ways of giving maintenance to our aircraft, when we built aircraft for our own operations, and later, to those of our customers’, we had to structure and systematize predictable and reliable procedures to do it in a timely manner.

Unmanned aircraft tend to have more intense mission cycles, staying longer in flight during those missions. The fact that there are no human physiological restrictions on their operations, and that they can execute missions no possible with manned aircraft, make these aircraft essential in many operations, and require dependable maintenance infrastructure behind them, to keep maximize that persistence.

Operations Training

We have a structured set of training courses covering from basic to advanced aircraft and payload operator, maintenance mechanic, spare parts inventory management, and logistics technician.

Operations Management


Data Analysis & Information Management

The aim is to ensure proper distribution of processed data, even when it is essential in minutes, as when transmitting target coordinates to artillery units.

We also have specialists on Lidar, photogrammetry, and multi and hyperspectral image processing, to assist our civilian customers to setup their surveying operations.