Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems
Watupá UAS


Small UAS designed for a single operator, carried in a backpack and hand or catapult launched.

This unit can be customized for multispectral and micro hyperspectral remote sensing, photogrammetry and tactical ISR operations with a datalink of 30km radial reach.

Watupá carries an electric engine synthesising our former Hewë and Siemari flying wings, following Watupá gasoline powered design, aiming at <1kg payload, <3-5 hrs endurance and 30km radial coverage.

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Watupá UAS


Advanced ~22-35kg MTOW UAS with a high payload/airframe weight ration, for long endurance remote sensing surveys and ISR camera guided flights.

Designed for rapid deployment, it does not require any special tools for assembly. Köpari UAS come in two versions: 360cm and 500cm wingspan.

This pusher engine UAS synthesises engineering from our former Yaró 450 and 400S UAS, with an <8-12kg payload, <18-24 hrs endurance and 30-60-100-250km radial coverage.

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Yaró Twin UAS


Yaró Twin engine, 7.9m wingspan UAS, with an operational ceiling of <8000m, >24 hrs autonomy and <250km radial coverage or Satcom datalink.

This twin engine UAS inherits the sturdy and reliable engineering of our former Yaró 650, designed for stability, reliability, and extreme safety.

When configured as a strategic ISR/ISTAR platform, this UAS is as stealthy and precise as the most advanced unmanned solutions in the market.

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