Aerofoundry: Aeronautics Design House

Aerofoundry is specialized in design, manufacture, and integration of innovative unmanned aircraft systems.

Our aeronautics products strategy is based on a wide portfolio of airframe platforms, known as Open Aircraft Frameworks (OAF), upon which we are able to integrate avionics, systems and payload packages to address the specifications put forward by our most demanding customers.

By tightly working with our customers along the specifications definition process, departing from the technical assessment of the operational environment we are able to integrate cost-effective and targeted solutions.

We work for final users and third-party payload integrators of unmanned solutions alike. We supply ready-to-fly aerial platforms for their own payload configurations (where we certify the integration’ safety, giving warranty to the aircraft with that payload).

Our advanced design environment is integrated with a state-of-the-art prototyping lab, and an advanced composites manufacturing infrastructure, ensuring that our aircraft are produced following the highest standards, in a timely manner.

Our aircraft advanced platforms are designed following a multidisciplinary method, attaining the best aerodynamic and structural efficiency for the conceptual predefined constraints. We offer performance, fuel efficiency, easier payload integration, flexible operation, and cost-efficient maintenance and support.

When we encounter a scenario where our OAF are not the most adequate, we can design a new airframe from scratch. We have other airframes and variants used to improve our technology capabilities, and as a repository of projects we could use to address special customers’ needs, and budget.

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Dr. Daniel Dupré, CEO

About Us

Aerofoundry is a private company founded in Brazil, in 2008, with more than 60 years of accumulated experience in aerial operations, including aerial surveying, and aerial logistics. Since then, we moved away from Brazil and expanded into seven countries, distributed in four continents, with customers worldwide.

As an aeronautics company, we started producing uncrewed aerial surveying solutions, from small to very large, with 12m wingspan, at the time.

Since 2014, we evolved into a designer of mostly military aircraft, we producing a wide range of aerial platforms, now offered through our Homeland Security Solutions.

Since our foundation we developed a strong design and manufacturing infrastructure, able to produce, not only ready-to-fly integrated aircraft solutions, but also design and/or customize new airframes to address special needs, be it because of size, weight, or flight parameters requirements of a particular payload, or because of unusual flight envelop specifications, for a particular payload.

Our multidisciplinary aeronautics engineers use an advanced collaborative design environment, from concept modelling, to design, structural and aerodynamics analysis, simulation, detailing and manufacturing setup, and testing. All stages are structured in one smooth workflow, with efficiency and predictability.

Aerofoundry is an Aeronautics Design House.

Our Services

Open Aircraft Frameworks

Aerofoundry offers a portfolio of unmanned aircraft designed as Open Frameworks capable of carrying varied payload configurations.  Our aircraft are designed to be customized to our customers’ requirements.  

Our portfolio includes varied platforms to address the most demanding customers: from a micro tailsitter, with swappable payload nose cartridges, through a Class II, very fast, advanced aircraft, to an innovative vertical takeoff/landing, tandem tilt-wing design with a hybrid-electric powerplant.

Our Engineering Department can integrate your selected payload into our airframes, or we can support your payload integration work, including testing and certification.

Several off-the-shelve standard implementations are available with payload already validated by our engineers, addressing the most frequent applications.  You can find them in our Homeland Security site at

Contract Design & Manufacturing

Aerofoundry maintains manufacturing facilities strategically distributed to ensure cost optimization, reduced development and testing operational restrictions, and minimal export controls.

Our machinery is designed and built in-house, specifically for aircraft manufacturing (capabilities, dimensions, and precision).

Our manufacturing facilities are designed following standardized layouts, easy to replicate anywhere in the World. If you require local manufacturing of one of a customized aircraft, we can install a tailored infrastructure for you.

We offer our capabilities to other companies, on a contract basis, to design and/or manufacture parts, or setting up a full-fledged factory, including training.

Aircraft Models


Hewë (vampire in Yanomami language) is a electric tail-sitter carried in a backpack with vertical takeoff amd landing, and automatic to cruise flight.

This is a unipersonal, ultraportable VTOL platform with a 1-hour endurance, for rapid deployment in highly movable operations, or for fast surveying.

Hëwe is controlled from a handheld touchscreen GCS.

Hewë is undergoing β3 prototype technology demonstration, and ergonomy specialists are working on optimizing tablet ground control usability.


Watupá-e (Vulture in Yanomami language) is a resilient small electric aircfraft, light enough to be hand launched, but able to perform high-endurance tactical missions ( ±5 hours), and long-range, wide-area aerial surveys, withstanding adverse weather conditions.

Manufactured since 2014, Watupá-e 2022 is now a fully Mil compliant version, with a new Kevlar reinforced highly rugged, resilient airframe, with very low detection signature, and a new optional low-noise engine with a quasi-stealth propeller (patent pending).


Köpari is a high-end Class I aircfraft, designed to be rugged, and resilient light-weight for long-range platform.

Manufactured since 2016, Köpari is a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial solution designed following Mil specifications for steady, stable flight, as required for tactical ISR operations or wide-area aerial surveying (photogrammetry, Lidar profiling, spectrometry).


Yaró (Harpy in Yanomami language) is our top-of-the-line rugged and reliable aerial platform, proven in extreme operational environments since 2010.

This platform evolved into this new 150kg (330lbs) iteration configured as a light tactical (Class II) version, for fast, long-endurance missions carrying complex payload configurations. Yaró 150 was designed for the US market, tightly following NATO STANAG 4703/AEP-83 standard, but is also available in an export-free version, for worldwide customers.


Texo (Hummingbird in Yanomami language) is a cutting-edge tandem, tilt-wing vertical takeoff amd landing (VTOL) with hybrid-electric powerplant.

This Design Program started in early 2018, arriving to its airframe stable version late of 2021, and the commercial version for civilian applications in December 2022. The ISTAR/ISR version for law enforcement will be ready by June 2023.

The tandem tilt-wing configuration enables this platform to vertical take-off and land on moving platforms; has fixed-wing cruise speed, stability and efficiency; and optional in-flight hoovering capabilities.

This aircraft concept is optimized for operationally complex missions, where aircraft logistics are constrained, hovering is sometimes required, and payload distribution could affect position of center of gravity, as is the case of cargo hauling.