Yaró 450

The Advanced Multipurpose Unmanned Amazonian Harpy Eagle. An aerial workhorse with a well-rounded balance of modular flexibility and performance.



The Yaró 450 carries a power plant specified for low rpm operation aiming at longer engine life and low vibration. The pusher architecture was selected to reduce exhaust plume interference over sensor optics, which becomes an issue when operating high sensitivity spectrometers. The new inverted V tail, in addition to a lighter airframe reduced weight, increasing fuel efficiency and autonomy.

As a modular, transportable and very flexible system this UAS model can be configured and adapted to the most varied requirements.

Compared to other unmanned systems in its category, deployment and assembly of a Yaró 450 is relatively simple, and operation can be performed by two servicemen (pilot and sensor operator) and a mechanic.

One System contains:

  • 1 Air Vehicle and one spare airframe (with wiring and servos).
  • 1 Ground Control Station (operations unit).
  • 1 Payload rack with sensors (integrated system)..