Rugged, modular entry-level Unmanned Aerial System, proven in the most severe environments.
New stylized V tail and trike landing gear.
17% lighter MTOW with the same payload capacity !

Entry-level Unmanned Aerial Workhorse designed to to operate in rugged landstrips with limited ground infrastructure. The tractor engine location was selected for higher flight performance and increased autonomy.

Watupá is a Highly Portable, Rapidly Deployable System, and does not require any special tools for assembly.

It's payload compartment carries a detachable aluminum 61S alloy rack with conveniently placed rails, holes and brackets for the most variety payload configurations.

The Watupá 230 is offered as:

  • Airframe: bare-bone with engine and basic avionics. This configuration is the ideal bundle for clients doing their own proprietary integrations.
  • Operational unit: including a basic airframe with autopilot, Command and Control telemetry link and Ground Control Station.
  • Integrated System: includes standard payload configurations (other configurations on request):

      Aerial Laser Scanner integrated with synchronized RGB cameras.

      EO/IR Gyro-Stabilized Camera ISR Systems.

One System contains:

  • 1 Air Vehicle and one spare airframe (with wiring and servos).
  • 1 Ground Control Station (operations unit).
  • 1 Payload rack with sensors (integrated system).