The Hewë (Bat) light and rugged (carbon fiber layered) Photogrammetry Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) with INS/GPS. This family comes in three versions: 98cm, 130cm and 190cm wingspan.

Customized with a 24.3MP mirrorless camera and a wide angle Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens.

The Hewë 190 variant optionally comes with RTK-GPS (L1/L2) for precision photogrammetry.
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The Siemari (Kingfisher) 190 UAS is an advanced waterproof variant of the Hewë 190 for oceanic and riverine operations.

Standard payload is a EO/TIR Gyro-Stabilized Camera.

This unit can also be customized with a 24.3MP mirrorless camera and a wide angle Sigma 19mm f/2.8 lens, and RTK-GPS (L1/L2) for photogrammetry over remote regions with no clearings for landing (as rainforests and floodplains).
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The Watupá (King Vulture) UAS is a very rugged, resilient entry-level multipurpose unmanned aerial system, designed for easy customization, deployment and maintenance.

The new trike landing gear, low vibration tractor engine and lighter V tail redesign, makes this the perfect unit for microsensor operations.
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The Köpari family of 3.60m and 5.00m wingspan, has an advanced and very light composite construction, achieving the high payload/airframe weight ration required for long endurance operations.

In these UAS payload is tightly integrated and configured for maximum performance, endurance and reliability.
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The Yaró Is top of the line UAS family of 4.50m and 6.60m wingspan models was first developed in 2010 and is being updated and improved ever since.

Its maintenance follows a follow a Life-Cycle Maintenance Plan as engine and mechanical components have recommended time in service interval, TBO.

These UAS are designed for maximum safety and reliability along the life-cycle. Key components come from NATO certified suppliers.
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