Medium-format photogrammetry

High-end photogrammetry, solutions for UAS surveying and mapping applications.



Aerofoundry integrates two alternative medium format cameras to give full flexibility to its customers. Tradition and innovation are represented in this mix, as Hasselblad and Industrial PhaseOne are the most advanced and well regarded photogrammetry camera suppliers in the market.

Photogrammetry payloads are offered in the Köpari 360 and up.

Industrial PhaseOne

The Industrial PhaseOne iXA is a light digital medium format aerial camera, perfectly suited for UAS mapping.

The iXA is a aerial photography workhorse with fewer moving parts to reduce unnecessary wear, guaranteeing the image quality expected from a dedicated aerial photography camera.

Hasselblad Aerial

Hasselblad A5D Aerial cameras are specifically developed for UAS operations, carrying a dedicated connector for synchronized triggering or connection to a flight management system.

This camera delivers the quality and reliability required by our surveying and mapping customers.

This camera supports synchronized exposures to within 20 μs of simultaneous capture in a multiple panoramic camera set-up (up to eight cameras). We offer this option onboard the Yaró 450.


Specifications provided by us may change at the manufacturer's sole discretion.