BaySpec Multispectral

High-end Multispectral 8-band pushbroom scanner with a radiation sensor for radiance to reflectance correction.




This unique 8-band push-broom multispectral VNIR (400-1000nm) spectrometer developed by Bayspec is an advanced and customizable sensor where spectral center and width (5-7nm) of each band can be factory setup. This way you can chose the best remote sensing configuration for your application.

The sensor produces images in ENVI-BSQ for hypercube, BMP band image, ROI spectra, and RAW (pixel data), stored in a single- board computer with a 400 GB solid-state storage capacity.

Unlike conventional multispectral sensors, which rely on a single slit image and intensive software imaging reconstruction, the OCI-M allows the imager to move and measure at random speeds up to 120 fps. It doesn't depend on inertial data for imaging reconstruction and produce distortion-free band images.

The system carries a radiation sensor for radiance to reflectance correction during the cube construction process.

The multispectral sensor produces a 15cm pixel flying at 1000m, making it ideal for large scale agriculture, forestry and environmental monitoring.

The Bayspec OCI-M pushbroom spectrometer is offered onboard the Kopari 360, a brand-new, very advanced UAS for the most demanding surveying applications. Specifications provided by us may change at Bayspec's sole discretion.

The Kopari 360PS is the photogrammetry version of this aircraft, carrying a medium format photogrammetry camera.