AISA Hyperspectral systems

Aerofoundry integrates Specim’s AISA systems in the Köpari and Yaró UAS families.

AISA spectrometers are ruggedised spectral imaging solutions covering VNIR (380-1 000 nm,) and SWIR (1 000-2 500 nm) spectral ranges.

The sensors’ unbeatable performance has established AISA as a market leader in the hyperspectral remote sensing industry.


AisaFENIX delivers the highest quality hyperspectral data available in VNIR, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths (380 nm – 2 500 nm) in a single continuous image.

The instrument has excellent transmission (>65%), signal-to-noise ratio SNR (600 – 1000) and sampling interval (620 bands).

AisaFENIX is offered integrated into the Yaró 650.

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AisaKESTREL 10 (400 – 1 000 nm) and AisaKESTREL 16 (600 – 1 640 nm) are built to the same strictest data quality requirements as Specim’s world renowned AisaFENIX sensors, using the experience gathered through 20 years of airborne hyperspectral remote sensing.

AisaKESTREL is offered integrated into the Yaró 450 and Köpari 500.

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Specifications provided by us may change at Specim's sole discretion.