Rugged family of small unmanned flying wing systems developed for wide spectrum photogrammetry, multispectral remote sensing and surveillance applications.



Family of Small (micro and mini) Unmanned Aerial System integrated for rapid aerial survey of small and medium size areas.

The light and very resilient airframe is designed to operate over rugged areas, withstanding hundreds of flights landing in uneven surfaces.

Kalman metadata is configured to be used by almost all well known SfM (Structure from motion) photogrammetry processing softwares.

The Hewë SUAS family is offered in three versions:

    • Hewë 90

        98cm wingspan.

        <500gr MTOW.

        up to 45 minutes autonomy.

        up to 6km radial reach.

    • Hewë 130

        130cm wingspan.

        <2kgr MTOW.

        up to 120 minutes autonomy.

        up to 624m radial reach.

    • Hewë 190

        194cm wingspan.

        <3.2kgr MTOW.

        up to 180 minutes autonomy.

        up to 60km radial reach.

    One System contains:

    • 1 Air Vehicle and one spare airframe (with wiring and servos).
    • 1 Ground Control Station (operations unit).
    • 1 Camera systems.