Gyro-stabilised gimbal EO/IR cameras

Unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconaissance solutions.



Our Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance solutions are capable of search, detect, track and range air, sea and ground targets, providing detection image and target position & distance information to a ground station in real time.

These solutions are widely applied in day & night border and coast patrol, piracy surveillance, navigation, and forest fire detection.

In all cases, features like geo-location and geo-positioning are available.

We apply Johnson's criteria to assess Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI) solution capabilities.


Human target (0,45 x 1,7 m)

Vehicle target (2,3 x 2,3 m)


18 km

37 km


6.4 km

17.6 km


5.25 km

15.4 km

Advanced solutions


EOTir-75 is a standalone underbelly gyro-stabilized gimbaled dual-sensor setup designed for patrol and stable tracking surveillance missions of up to 2000m flight height.

    • Gimbal: 360° continuous azimuth, and -120°- +20° elevation.
    • Stabilization accuracy of 50μmrad (RMS), ≥60°/sec rotation speed and ≥ 60°/sec² rotation acceleration.
    • EO Camera: 1/4 inch HAD CCD, ≥550TVL Resolution, 3.4mm to 122.4mm continuous focus lens, FOV 57.8°-1.7° and a person targeting capability at ≥2500m and a vehicle at ≥4000m.
    • Thermal: 640×512 resolution, uncooled microbolometer 25 Hz, 7.5-13.5μm spectral range, 17μm pitch, with
    • 60mm (FOV 10.3° x 8.3°) with a person targeting detection capability at ≥800m and a vehicle at ≥1500m.
    • 75mmlens (FOV 8.3° x 6.6°) with a person targeting detection capability at ≥1000m and a vehicle at ≥2000m.
    • Tracking: auto, multimode.
    • Dedicated INS/GPS.
    • Ground Control System and Joystick.

Offered with the Yaró 650.


EOTir-200 is an advance long-range (20km) ITAR-free ISR solution. It has optional target acquisition capabilities [becoming an intelligence, surveillance,target acquisition,and reconnaissance (ISTAR) solution] and can be modified and adapted to varied operational scenarios and multi-function setups,with geolocking and geotracking functionalities as a standard.

The EOTir-200 was developed in partnership with Laseroptronix, Sweden,with MIL STANAG compliant components (cameras, laser rangers, gyro structure, inertial sensors and software), highly tested and already in use by several NATO military institutions in Europe and other regions.

Heavy duty high capacity airborne gimbal
  • Max speed: 22°/second.
  • Approx. tilt range: programmable from ±90°.
  • Approx. pan range: programmable up to 360° continuous.
  • Min. pan speed: .0064°/s.
  • Min. tilt speed: .0064°/s.
  • Pan position resolution: .0064° (with micro stepping).
  • Tilt position resolution: .0064° (with micro stepping).
  • Duty Cycle: up to 100% duty cycle, or 3-5 million cycles.
  • Acceleration/Deceleration: programmable, on-the-fly speed and position changes.
Gyro sensor
  • MEMS rate, acceleration, and magnetometer in three perpendicular axes.
  • Degrees of freedom:elevation, azimuth and roll (all orientations).
  • Maximum angular rate: 1200°/s.
  • • Maximum acceleration: 3G.
  • Angular resolution: 0.02° RMS.
  • Accuracy: 1° RMS (static), 3° RMS (dynamic).
  • Update rate: <300 Hz.
  • Maximum shock: 1OOG.
  • With geopointing module.
  • Extended Kalman filter, feed-forward motion prediction, no warm-up time and no moving parts.
EO Camera
  • High-sensitivity PAL 1/3"CCD sensor with complementary mosaic (NTSC optional).
  • Visual band:400-1000nm.
  • Effective pixels (high light sensitivity, works with just moon light): 976 x 582.
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3.
  • Zoom lens:30 to 750 mm (25x).
  • Precise bore sighting through zoom range.
  • Day/night mode with movable IR-cut filter.
  • Sensitivity: 0,030 Lux,25% video, F4.6, WFOV with no IR-cut filter.
  • Signal to Noise ratio:> 52 dB, AGC off.
  • Horizontal frequency: 15.625 kHz.
  • Vertical frequency: 50 Hz.
  • Field of view: Wide: Hor. 9°,Vert. 6,64°. Narrow: Hor.0.4°,Vert. 0.28°.
  • Zoom control,travel time: ::o; 5 sec. (25 ° C, both ways,Wide to Narrow FOV).
  • Focus control,travel time: ::o; 12 sec. (25 ° C, both ways, 2.5 m to 00 ).
  • Graphical overlays.
  • Conditions for SSIP CAM program: Contrast=30 %. Over cast daylight. Sky ratio=3. Visibility 80km, 50 o/o probability.
    MWIR thermal camera
    • Detector: Cooled HgCdTe FPA.
    • Effective pixels: 640x512.
    • Pitch: 15µm.
    • Spectral band: 3.7 µm -4.8µm.
    • Cooling type: integral Stirling rotary cycle micro-cooler.
    • FOV: 0.69° (H) x 0.55° (V)- 6.9°(H) x 5.5°(V).
    • Focal Length: 800mm-80mm continuous zoom lens.
    • Continuous optical zoom: 0.5°xQ.4°-5°x4° with 1100mm-110mm zoom lens. 0.7°x0.55°-7°x5.5° with 800mm-80mm zoom lens.
    • Dual FOV lens: 1.4°x 1.1°-5.5°x4.4° with 400mm/100mm lens.
    • NETO sensitivity: 20mK(F/2).
    • Cooling down: 6min at 20°C, 8min at 50°C.
    • Frame frequency: 25Hz, 50Hz, and 100Hz.

      Laser rangefinder

      • Laser spectra: 1.57µ NIR.
      • Receiving lens diameter:50 mm.
      • Detector: Avalanche Indium based detector.
      • Max range to a 30% R target: 20 Km.
      • Distance accuracy: ±1 m.
      • Repetition rate: 10 pulse/min.

      Offered with the Yaró 650.