Aerofoundry Laseroptronix Aerial Laser Scanners

Rugged Laser Scanners specifically integrated for Unmanned Aerial Surveying.



Aerofoundry integrates Laseroptronix Aerial Laser Scanners into the Watupá, Köpari and Yaró model families. These ALS are UAS optimized solutions using OEM and custom made components in Sweden.

All systems are integrated with synchronized cameras (RGB or NIR), producing one laser pulse at the central pixel of each photo.

We offer two different scanning alternatives: mirrorless scanners (no moving parts, very rugged, for low-flying, light UAS), and mirror targeting scanners.

Single module scanners

Mirrorless ALS-80

Low altitude (80m) static beam mirrorless scanner.

Rugged, simple, efficient. No moving parts.

Very light and low energy consuming ALS, ideal for long-endurance, low flying surveys (agriculture, environment, forestry, inland water bodies, and ice and snow mapping.